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Monday, January 13, 2014

Help for the Winter Blahs

How to Beat the Winter Doldrums

by Marie Scott, January 2014

Photo by Merry Haymond

Here is my list of things that help. Maybe they'll help you too.

1.               Light a fragrant candle near you. Be conscious of searching for any light in the day.
2.               Check out books on tape from the Library and listen to them while you       work.
3.               Listen to peaceful, comforting, and cheerful music.
4.               Clean the house and feel the uplift.
5.               Pray and study the scriptures.
6.               Watch uplifting Bible videos on the Internet Mormon Channel. (Or listen t the uplifting discussions and messages also found there.)
7.               Go out to lunch with a friend (or friends).
8.                Take a walk or exercise. Search for any signs of natural winter beauty and   take pictures.
9.                 Eat healthy and take a nap with the children or a good book  J.
10.             Do some service or a good deed for someone in need. Try to interact with people.
11.            Count your blessings; you will find there are many.
12.            Do something creative. Creativity is a trusted antidote for depression.
13.            Clean up and SMILE!


Ø It can be hard to do many of the above things when you don’t feel well, so do your best if you are ill.
Ø If your children are driving you crazy, pull yourself together long enough to give each of them a love and a few minutes of undivided attention. Then set them onto some fun little project and feel the contentment in the room for a few minutes.
Ø Plan ahead and be prepared with small projects for children that require only initial help, or a minimum of help.
Ø It’s okay to tell children to spend some time being quiet. Always focus on explaining and “teaching” children about life and situations. Peace needs to be taught, and it can’t be modeled by “losing it.” (As the mother of six, I know.)
Ø Look up and read the article, “Do Not Despair,” in the November 1974 Ensign by President Ezra Taft Benson.
Ø Go to the free lessons in expressive drawing on the website:  profusionart.blogspot.com. Start at the first or second old post and enjoy a little time doing some expressive artwork.
Ø Or, go to the website:  zentangle.com, or zentaglepatterns.com and get hooked on the expressive art of “tangling.”

Don’t sit and endure the doldrums. Fight back! You have only one life---salvage it!

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