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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hand-print Turkey, Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Here's a fun holiday craft that the children will love!
A hand-print Turkey!

Supplies Needed:
-Paints -  Red, Orange, Yellow and brown.  (Washable paint might be best when working with children, but any kind of paint will do.)
-Paint Brushes -  At least four.  One for each color.
-Wiggle Eyes  (Optional)
-Markers  - Red and Orange

1- Have paper ready on the table and squeeze all the paint colors onto a paper plate and put a paintbrush with each color.
2- Paint the child's hand generously with each color.  Palm an thumb brown, then red, orange and yellow as seen in the picture above. (Paint quickly as paint my dry quickly.)
3- Turn child's hand over and press firmly onto the paper.  (Instruct the child not to spread fingers to far apart)
4- Lift child's hand from paper and wash hand.  Let the hand-print dry.
5- Once dry, draw a beak and feet with the orange marker and the wattle with the red marker.
6- Glue the wiggle eyes on or draw them with a marker.

Write the child's name and date under the hand-print and find a fun place to display it!

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