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Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Halloween Cupcake Picks

Here are some cute Halloween pics for your cupcakes!
Just print out the picutres, cut them out and glue a
toothpick between two pictures.

Art Design by: Marie                             Photo by:  Merry

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Word Art Freebie!

 Print this 8x10 word art from your computer 
or have a photo shop print it.

Design & Photo by: Merry                

Halloween Word Art Freebie

Download this fun 8x10 Halloween word art and print it from your
 computer or have a photo shop print it for you.

 Design & Photo by: Merry           Graphics by: Marie

Halloween Apothacary Labels Freebie

Here is a fun way to display Halloween candy.
Find a bunch of fun jars and fill them with Halloween treats!

 Photo by: Merry
Artwork  by:  Marie

Free Halloween Coloring Book Page

Here is a free coloring book page that you and 
your children can enjoy coloring together! 

Artwork by:  Marie