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Monday, November 18, 2013

Turkey Shoot Game

Here's an exciting game for Thanksgiving Day 
that everyone will love!

Turkey Shoot!

 Here's what you'll need:
-Turkey Targets

What to do:
Print out the turkey targets on card stock at the bottom of this post. (I also laminated mine)
Cut them out and tape the long strips together together  as shown above.

How to play:
Set up the targets along a shelf or a bench.
Pick two people to go first and give each a pile of Q-tips and a straw.
Have them sit or stand 3-6 feet away from the targets depending on age.
 Have each player insert a Q-tip into the unbent end of the straw and aim at the targets.
Someone yell GO, and the shooting begins!
 Shoot until all the turkeys are down, keeping score while you go. 

After everyone has had a turn, have the winners of each round face each other until there is
a grand champion!

Some of variations to the game would be to set a time limit, or have a family free for all shoot.  You can adapt the game to fit your family.

This is a high energy game that is sure to have everyone 
smiling and laughing!

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