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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bunny Hills Recipe . . . for coconut lovers!

Quick and Easy Bunny Hills!

Bunny Hills

2   Cups  shredded coconut
1   Cup  powdered sugar
2   Tbs.  milk
2   Tbs.  butter
½   tsp.  Vanilla

2  Cups  Milk Chocolate Chips or Dipping Chocolate

Make a stiff dough with all ingredients except the dipping chocolate. Use more butter if needed; or more powdered sugar, as you knead the dough, to make it stiff.
Form into balls and place in freezer for half an hour.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate chips or dipping chocolate in a double boiler.
(I throw a jar lid in the bottom of a frying pan of water and place my pot on the jar lid to keep it off the bottom of the pan—and I have a double boiler.)

Take the  balls out of the freezer and either roll in chocolate as you would dip chocolates, or do as I do and coat the top of the ball with chocolate and garish with coconut and/or candy.  There you have bunny hills, and if you love coconut, you’ll love these!

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